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Anonymity of young offenders maybe identified when 18

By January 23, 2024 No Comments
anonymity of young offenders

In a recent ruling, the Court of Appeal in Ireland has made a significant decision regarding the anonymity of young offenders. It decided that once individuals involved in criminal proceedings turn 18, their identities can be disclosed, even if the proceedings are ongoing.

This ruling arose from the case of a youth convicted of murdering student Cameron Blair in Cork in 2020. The individual was 17 at the time of the plea but is now 21.This decision states that individuals who are minors at the start of their criminal proceedings but turn 18 during the process can be publicly identified.

The decision focuses on the interpretation of section 93 of the Children Act 2001, clarifying that reporting restrictions and anonymity of young offenders do not extend to individuals who turn 18 before the conclusion of legal proceedings.

The Court of Appeal previously upheld the conviction in December and sought opinions on the possibility of revealing the youth’s identity.

However, the enforcement of this ruling is paused to allow for a potential appeal to the Supreme Court.

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