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€39k for Nurse After Being Knocked Off Bicycle

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Personal Injury

A nurse who was hit by a car while riding her bicycle and became trapped underneath the moving car has been granted over €39,000 in compensation for her injuries.

Iwona Krzyspiak, a nurse at Peamount Hospital in Newcastle, Co Dublin, recounted her terrifying experience to Judge Sarah Berkeley in the Circuit Civil Court. She described how she was shocked and screaming while waiting to be freed and rescued from under the car.

Injuries to Back, Leg, Hands, and Wrist

According to barrister Conor Kearney, representing Ms Krzyspiak, the incident occurred in December 2020 as she was riding her bike along the main avenue in the grounds of Peamount Hospital. Following the incident, she suffered injuries to her lower back, left leg, hands, and her dominant right wrist.

While her back and leg injuries had healed relatively quickly, according to the complainant, she still experiences numbness in her wrist when performing lifting tasks. As a result, she was unable to return to work for six weeks following the incident, and was forced to take annual leave to fully recover.

It was noted that Ms Krzyspiak received assistance from the driver of the car, Jacqueline Baker, whose insurer, Aviva, accepted liability for the accident. The case was brought to court to determine the amount of damages owed to the nurse.

Several Medical Examinations

Judge Berkeley noted that Ms Krzyspiak’s primary injury was to her right wrist, which had not yet undergone target injection therapy. She had undergone several medical examinations, including an MRI on her wrist.

In the assessment of damages, Judge Berkeley awarded Ms Krzyspiak €35,000 in compensation, along with €4,265 for special damages and costs.

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